Savings in terms of salary payments for one librarian.    Automated entry for retrieval and issue of books- Saving on time, effort.    Feasibility in terms of functioning-24/7

Education sector being the backbone of every society effective cost saving measures can help run an institution with minimal setup. Campus automation will help in effective management of staff, students and assets by saving cost.

Challenges on Campus

  • Managing attendance of students in classrooms
  • Tracking movement of staff, faculty, and students in critical areas on campus.
  • Issuance and Retrieval of books in the library
  • Payment management in the Cafeteria
  • Monitoring of energy load in different areas on campus
  • Tracking of visitors on campus
  • Management of laundry facility on campus
  • Management of administration activities including registration, scheduling and reporting.

In access control, the movements of all the people within the campus can be tracked and controlled. The access can either be granted or can be restricted throughout the campus as per the requirement. The detailed reports for the same are generated with location, time etc.

With library management, all the books within the library get tracked which makes the task of book counts simple. The process of issuing and returning the book is carried in a digital way and the library has burglar alarms if at all the book is taken out from the library without proper formality. With the library management system late fees are calculated automatically, audit is maintained and also the reports are generated for books count, last issued book, etc.

In cafeteria management all the payments are handled digitally and it also keeps record of people whether they have received their meal or not. All groceries and other necessary items can be purchased using student id card and along with it weekly, monthly, daily reports are generated for sold items.

As soon as the student enters the classroom, the attendance control automatically captures it via sensors. Reports are generated based on which student attended which lecture as per the schedule.

Under Energy management, all power coming into the campus is monitored. With this, power distribution is made easy. The energy load at different parts of campus can be monitored. Also, there is a remote control of power distribution.

Under Visitor management, all the guests or visitors coming in the campus are tracked. The visitors intending to meet anyone in the campus receive an OTP as soon as they enter the campus and the OTP must be submitted back on the gate during exit. At the end a report is generated. It shows number of visitors, their duration of visit, etc.

Under laundry management, the student is required to enter the coins in the machine for each wash. Monitoring is not required to collect payments for laundry service.

The admin has overall control of the campus automation. He must have all the user controls & rights. Registering of Students, Staff, recharge for the cards, preparation of schedule and all the reports of Past Students, Present Students as well as Expenses.



Fixed monthly visibility subscription; you select the type and volume of sensors.


Shipment-based visibility subscription; get sensors on demand at the origin.