Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the very importance of maintaining visibility across the hospital to allow for smooth delivery of critical care, with existing healthcare practices and supply chain processes stretched to their limits as healthcare providers sought to secure vital medical resources. Combined with tighter budget controls, heightened patient demand and new healthcare regulations, healthcare sector has been under more pressure than ever.

Pulse is a cloud-based visibility, requisition and inventory management solution which gives Integrated Health Care Visibility to the stakeholders. Pulse can give healthcare providers the control they need to overcome the challenges, allowing them to gain real-time insight into inventory levels and automating requisition processes to enable front-line healthcare professionals to focus on their clinical work rather than having to spend as much time managing requisition approvals and stock replenishment. Pulse as a platform can be customized to your individual requirements of a hospital to achieve operational excellence.


  • Misplaced and stolen equipment in a hospital
  • Difficulty maintaining manual records of all the employees and assets
  • High Patient wait time & Discharge time
  • Critical asset location & optimum use
  • Accurate time Stamp Details for each asset
  • Data generation for predictive analysis & CDSS

Patients coming for consultation will be registered and tag will be issued to them. Entry time of the patients will be captured accordingly. Touch-points will be installed at identified locations where the entry and exit of the patients will be captured. Waiting time, Consultation time and Total OPD consultation time will be captured.

Assets are tagged wherein we can track these assets moving through various areas of hospital. Specific touch-points within the hospital are identified to capture the asset movement. These assets can be consumable or non consumable wherein the tag is fixed tag or a temporary tag till the end of the life cycle of the asset. Real time tracking of assets is achievable through this system. In areas like the OT, the assets used during operations can be tracked and mapped with the patient for billing purpose.

All Employees can be provided with RF and BLE Tags using which we can track the employees in real time within the hospital premises. Attendance of employees can be monitored using this system. Patients will be alerted through notifications when the doctor has entered his/her cabin for consultation.



Fixed monthly visibility subscription; you select the type and volume of sensors.


Shipment-based visibility subscription; get sensors on demand at the origin.


Subscribe to, white label, or extend our visibility platform that supports any sensor or data stream.