Supply Chain Visibility

It is the ability to see your products, parts, components, as they move in transit through various steps in the manufacturing process. It also includes location of the inventory at a particular point in time to enable stocking decisions. The ultimate goal of improving supply chain visibility is to progress and strengthen the supply chain by making information readily available to all stakeholders.

There are multiple reasons for the increasing concern to improve supply chain visibility in organizations. One is the rising complexity of supply chains themselves. With outsourcing becoming a norm, multiple levels of stakeholders are emerging and managing information across these units can be overwhelming. Secondly, the focus on compliance to regulatory requirements is increasing across sectors and the consumer choices have also increased in recent times. This puts tremendous pressure on providers/manufacturers to manage huge chunks of information and ensure its availability at the right time, in the right form and for the right set of people.

We at PSL  ensure end -to-end visibility by capturing one-time and real-time information for your assets. We are able to track your assets on a minute- by- minute basis and hence are able to predict their movements accordingly. Data generated at each of these touchpoints can be effectively utilized to obtain relevant information crucial for business decision making as these assets move through the value chain. Further, we are able to enable integration of different sets of information with respect to your assets to predict relevant and timely information.