What we do?

Since 2009, we have successfully deployed our solutions in mining, manufacturing, healthcare and education sectors. The focus of Perceptron is on Track and Trace solutions (RFID, BLE, etc.) and Process Automation.

      We pioneered IoT a decade ago to deliver business value.

ERP Integration with Real-Time Information Visibility.

 Make informed decisions about disruptions when and where they occur.

 Know in advance when a shipment is in danger of falling behind schedule.

Identify trends in facility performance and make improvements.

How we do?

Game-changing platform for asset tracking

Enabling any technology integration with our platform helps enterprises to track and trace assets and automate their processes.

Our Impact

Stronger with PSL… Better Visibility and Improved Efficiency

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Supply Chain Visibility

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Logistics Cost

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Our Capabilities

We enable your processes to interact with you better as part of your day-to-day operations. By using the right data capture technologies including passive RFID as well as other technologies like BLE and Wi-Fi we provide you with Industry 4.0 capabilities. These include Real-time data integration from assets and Inventory management for your organization. Our strength lies in the sound understanding of your processes that enables the development of a customized solution that addresses your workflow requirements accordingly.

Our asset monitoring solution enabled by passive RFID has a proven track record of over eleven years of being robust and reliable across its implementations. We excel in maintaining accuracy during the real-time tracking of your assets. We also help track your “ghost assets” for you. Further, as part of our deployed solution, we are able to integrate your tracking and utilization data for most of your assets thus enabling smart decisions at the workplace. Our efficient asset management solution thus assists your asset utilization strategy to ensure a desired level of success.

We at PSL ensure end-to-end visibility by capturing real-time information for your assets. We are able to track your assets on a minute-by-minute basis and hence are able to predict their movements accordingly. Data generated at each of these touchpoints can be effectively utilized to obtain relevant information crucial for business decision-making as these assets move through the value chain. Further, we are able to integrate different sets of data with respect to your assets to predict relevant and timely information.

PSL enables seamless integration across the enterprise and builds relationships with people on the ground when it comes to implementing their solutions. Our involvement and interaction with employees during the customization of our solutions bring us one step closer to our goal of achieving operational excellence. For us, working together and learning on the job contributes a lot to achieve and sustain consistency in our performance for more than a decade.

Our Solutions


Our end-to-end technology platform called OTS (Ore Tracking System) supports the mining industry in the real-time linkage and analysis of data, and then uses the learning, to forecast an outcome and to eventually acts on the data which can be applied for internal and external processes in logistics.

Campus Automation

With our customized technology platform for the campus, automation of processes in different sections including library, security, canteen and laundry is possible. This solution makes transactions simpler and more convenient to enable a hassle-free for campus experience both for students and faculty.

Plant Track

Our customized technology platform for manufacturing enables tracking of critical assets as they move through the value chain. This tracking enables asset utilization during manufacturing thus saving time and improving the efficiency of overall operations. Our platform is compliant with Industry 4.0 standards.


Our technology platform for healthcare is unique since it is designed to work on the interface with both humans and machines as part of service delivery in hospitals. It is adaptable to different technologies and streamlines your activities without affecting the core nature of your operations.

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