The education sector is rapidly growing and many of its companies are keen for new talent, including seasoned professionals and enthusiastic people. The education industry is a group of organizations and companies offering goods and services to improve the quality of education in society.

The Global Education Industry

The global scale has an estimated trillion dollars worth of the educational industry. In the global economy, the education sector plays a key role. More than 800 million adults are analphabets in the developed world and most live in the poorest countries. Education is the answer to reducing poverty in these countries – the greater their opportunities to leave poverty behind, the higher their access to education. A nation’s value is based on knowledge and the capacity to educate people. Countries with advanced education programs in the global market are doing well.

The Huge Market – Developing Nations

India and China are the two largest economies that offer the education industry enormous opportunities. Take India alone, where a medium-aged 25-year-old education market is a target population of more than 550 million people under the age of 25. This means that in India alone, the population in the USA is greater than the population in primary and secondary education. Since these students are looking for university training in India in the next decade, the size of the Indian education market is evident.

Human capital now is its biggest strength with Indian emergence as a knowledge-based economy. This has highlighted the serious shortcomings in India’s educational infrastructure and particularly higher education and vocational training. There is an enormous demand-supply gap and India’s private education spending is expected to grow with its rapidly growing middle class.

Innovation – Technology

Many educational organizations have idealistic goals in conjunction with competitive wages and generous benefits. Employment prospects range from consulting to school managers to collaborating with computer software and publishers of textbooks. The industry is at a stage of growth and is projected to be a big part of the economy of the 21st century in America. Many new technology companies will enter the industry to revolutionize their way of learning, researching, collaborating and teaching.

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