The Chase Frame work has been considered an efficient solution to deploy industry specific solutions such as Ore Tracking Systems used for Mining, material monitoring and usage used in the manufacturing industry and so on. Solutions that existing before introducing Chase into the domain of Perceptron Software Labs faced a few manual bugs. The need of the hour was to develop a robust technology that significantly reduced the dependency of different points during the process.

And thus, the CHASE Framework was deployed by our team at PSL.

Key Highlights of the Framework are as follows: –

Understanding the purpose behind Designing Chase

Technically speaking, one of the main reasons in designing chase application was to reduce the load on the application meant for reading and writing data to Tags, this process has been smoothly functioning ever since the deployment of CHASE. Chase does the job pretty well and one does not have to worry about executing a script to read/write data to RFID tags.

Take pride in using this useful framework for your industry. Do contact PSL for a consultation. We are happy to discuss!