Director’s Message

Story Line

With the state of the art lab, Perceptron Software Labs, headed by Ashutosh Sahib is a leading company in India engaged in track and trace technology. With a combined experience of more than a decade in this field, the company is dedicated to different verticals like Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Cement Plants, Mines, Production plant, Library, College campuses and many more.

Deep Dive about the Founder

Headquartered in Bangalore, Perceptron Software Limited was founded in June 2007 by a passionate Electronics engineer Ashutosh. He kickstarted his career from a software company in Goa but his urge to explore more directed him to the silicon valley of India. There he joined Aspect Development (later on taken over by i2 technologies) in the early part of 2000. Along with his ex-colleague, Ashutosh joined SGT and took up the product development for the Oil and Gas (energy) space. His job involved extensive travels to the US to interact with the client, work for hours on end clocking 16-20 hours in a day! His commitment and ability to match another of the client’s scientists gave the customer a great deal of confidence.

Having had humble beginnings starting from the apartment office to now 130+ people in the team Ashutosh delivered to the customers and earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues and all the senior consultants involved in this project. As the company grew in revenue, Ashutosh felt that the company was not doing enough to invest in the future of the business and a thought formed in his mind.

The product that Ashutosh conceived was in building applications. He wanted to make life simpler for a businessman. This was a revolutionary thought at the time. This led to the birth of the business idea of venturing into RFID where tags would communicate to readers and business applications that would automate and make accurate the data processing. Technological advancement in RFID was making global news around late 2006, his penchant for electronics added the right flavor and his knowledge of software was the key around which it all revolved. This was a dream that Ashutosh envisioned, and now his objective was to realize that dream. RFID (Radio-frequency identification) had caught his attention in 2006 as a blend of electronics and software and technology of the future. After extensive research for nearly 8 months, the company was incorporated to harness the potential of this technology to provide value to the business.

Our Milestones

Our Mission

To utilize intelligent smart sensing networks that enable efficient decision-making.

Our Vision

We envision the creation of data-driven businesses of the future!