99% Real Time Visibility   Increases Throughput by 80%   80% Turn around time   65% Improved Operational efficiency

Manufacturers and consumers are demanding accurate information, faster delivery and low-cost shipping. How do you meet these demands and ensure your business is always running smoothly? You need to manage your supply chain efficiently so you know the exact status of your goods and are able to act immediately to prevent any fulfillment disruption.

PLANT TRACK – A Visibility Network Platform

Plant Track is based on the Infinity platform which uses asset monitoring & data capture technologies for critical data-oriented variables in an enterprise that can be automated and helps improvise the productivity of the plant at every critical stage of manufacturing.

Challenges in a Plant

  • Managing product manufacturing process
  • Truck Queue congestion within facilities
  • Rise in the volume of paperwork related to cement loading
  • Uncontrolled movement of truck drivers and other workers at the plants
  • Tracking the movement of truck within the facility
  • Truck and drivers’ authorizations are done manually
  • Safety issues at the facility
  • Tracking product and raw materials


  • Real Time Visibility
  • Increased Throughput
  • Reduced Detention/Demurrage Fees
  • Reduced Dwell time
  • Improved Operational efficiency
  • Reduced Bottlenecks
  • Streamlined Operations

In Future:

  • GPS Fleet Tracking & Monitoring System – Convoy Track
  • Integration with FastTag


Visibility within a plant/facility is defined in many ways, but the tools to achieve it largely fall into two categories: transportation management system and dedicated supply chain visibility software- which includes

1. Transporters Portal
  • Digital management of day-to-day freight operations instead of relying on phone calls, email, and spreadsheets.
  • Manage and compare rates and services of carriers, tendering loads, setting up a routing guide, and tracking load status.
2. Yard & Gate Management system
  • Unmanned or operators Check-in/Check-out Operation
  • Trucks & Drivers automatic identification
  • Queue Management, Sequencing and Announcement for waiting trucks
  • Auto Gate Access Control.
3. Weigh bridge Automation
  • Unmanned weighing operations with positioning control
  • Paperless operation or automatic documenting
  • Allocation of loading or unloading location
  • Traffic lights and boom barriers automation
4. Loading/Unloading & SAP/ERP Integration
  • Unmanned or operator assisted load operations
  • Traffic lights and boom barriers automation
  • Auto Check-in of raw material
  • Paperless Material Validation
  • Bulk load Automation
  • Assets security & optimum utilisation assurance.
5. Bag counting Automation
  • Manual bag loading control
6. Tracing Deliveries (EPOD App)
  • Using the mobile proof of delivery application, your drivers are guided precisely throughout the process registering all events during loading, delivery and collection. Information is relayed in real-time with the host system and back-office. Track & trace and reporting modules provide insights for both customers and management. From managing customer expectations and reducing operational costs, through to meeting greater regulatory compliance, the proof of delivery software has many benefits to look for.



Fixed monthly visibility subscription; you select the type and volume of sensors.


Shipment-based visibility subscription; get sensors on demand at the origin.